The Yogini in CDO City

Left for Cagayan De Oro last Monday and was happy to discover a vegetarian-friendly place at NAIA Terminal 3.

Espressamente Illy

where I had vegetable lasagna for lunch

and met EI's friendly staff, Carl and Alvin

It’s good to have found comfort food after lining up for 45 minutes at the check-in counter. Nah, it’s not because security check has become stricter with the recent bombing at the Zamboanga airport; it’s just that so many passengers would bring tons of luggage and then haggle with the airline staff “baka pwede na a few pounds overweight ako.” And when not accommodated, these passengers would willingly hand-carry their stuff which still exceeded the 7-kilo, 1-piece limit…and the negotiations (read: palusot!) seemed endless. Argh!

And here’s CP’s new boarding pass.  I think this is more cost-effective and more environment-friendly?

Finally, I reached my destination…five minutes earlier than the scheduled arrival! Woohoo! Kudos CP! If only you could train your flight attendants better, to make them at par with PAL’s….

Stayed in the city for four nights. My 80-20 rule got reversed this time, which is often the case when I go on field. Here’s where i had my 20 percent.

Last year, my “excuse” for not doing yoga whenever I went on field was that I didn’t have a travel mat and that bringing along my thick regular mat would be such a hassle. Now, I have a travel mat, thanks to my generous benefactor 🙂 but I realized in this trip that it’s not having a travel mat that gets into my practice nor not having a yoga studio around; it’s really about not having the time to do it…and the will to make time for it. My first day of work (Tuesday) started at 7:30 am and ended at 9:00pm (that’s when I got back to my room). So when would I practice if my whole week would be like this? Sayang ang travel mat ko! So on Day 2 and Day 3, I woke up at 5:20am to start my mini-practice at 5:30am. Mini meaning breathing, suryas, and closing. As has always been the case, shoulderstand is NEVER easy for me before sunrise!  Argh!

Lesson: willpower can almost always overcome whatever constraint I have in time and space.



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