Lessons from Last Night’s Practice (A Late Post)

1. Be careful with bhuja pidasana especially if one is wearing yoga pants (as opposed to capri or shorts). As I was about to get out of the pose, my foot caught the leg of my pants so…thud! Lost my balance. And thanks to YT’s sense of humor, we just laughed it off. šŸ™‚

2. Drishti makes a big difference. All this time I find it hard to bring myself up to inversions and I always blame my heavy lower limbs for it. I thus have to bend my knees to pull my lower body up before straightening them into handstand. Last night, YT made me look at the spot on the floor which, with my hands forming the base, makes the apex of an imaginary triangle. Usually, when I do (or more aptly, try to do) handstand, I watch my feet (read: drishti at my feet, ha ha!) go up mid-air…and then fall on the ground in just a millisecond. This time, with the new/right drishti, and as YT kept on saying “push the floor, push the floor” (hmmm, I think YT will make a good lamaze coach ;-)), I felt my legs go up, up, up, all the way into their right position.

3. I have to learn to deal with my muscle memory…which sometimes can be as big as the elephant’s. I notice that once I injure myself in a pose, my body will refuse to do it again–chakrasana and supta kurmasana, for example. So even if I could do them in the past, I cannot go back to them just yet. Last night, however, we had a good attempt on supta k. Almost there until pain ran across my chest on a straight line, at which point I decided to let go of my grip. Call me paranoid but things like this strange pain make me wonder the psycho-emotional explanation behind them. Hmmm, have to listen to my body (mahaba-habang usapan ito). And hopefully, I can go back to these poses already.

4. It’s easier to flow with gravity than to go against it–no-brainer. But it’s amazing when applied in yoga.Ā I have no problem falling down/back into urdhva dhanurasana, in fact, I find it a fun routine; but I dread coming up to standing pose. Really. Er, is there any psycho-emotional explanation for this?

5. For the past many weeks, YT has been making me do forearm balance instead of headstand. The first time I did, it felt so awkward—er, where would I put my head? Could not hold it up plus everything else felt so weird. My next few attempts felt a bit normal, except that I couldn’t breathe, I felt like drowning. Yes, even if I didn’t raise my legs up and just tried to keep my hips above my shoulders. Ugh, patience is a virtue!

But last night, YT helped me get into the pose (of course, with him holding my legs up) and I was surprised that I was able to keep my head off the floor and more importantly, I was able to breathe. NORMALLY. Tonight, I tried doing it against the wall and enjoyed it! It was a fun pose after all! šŸ˜€ Is this what you call befriending an enemy pose?

Now really looking forward to my every practice, at home or at the studio.


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