Black Monday

Sad. For the hostage victims and their families.

Shamefaced. For those who exhibited incompetence, much less exercised injustice.



To all vegetarians out there, do not be misled by Secret Recipe‘s “vegetarian” dish category. Check their “Vegetarian Menu” — caesar’s salad (without bacon, are you sure?) and crispy chicken salad. Plus, the waiters and waitresses on duty when we visited were simply…unaware of the dishes they serve, “vegetarian” included.

Before we entered the resto at Shangrila, we asked the SR ladies what their vegetarian dishes were. As if it were not enough, we had to say “because we are vegetarians.” So we ordered fried rice with satay VEGETARIAN, mee goreng with all animal meat taken out (which we specifically requested and which the waitress said, after coming out of the kitchen, that they could do), and carrot and ginger soup. (Photos below taken from the Secret Recipe website.)

Satay was first served with guess what, chicken. When told that we were very specific that we wanted vegetarian food, the waiter reasoned “Vegetarian po yan. Meron po kasi vegetarian na kumakain ng chicken.” And he insisted on this point when we asked “so why do you have ‘chicken or vegetarian’ if you just serve chicken anyway?” So he took the plate and brought it back to the kitchen.

Then came the soup. Since Jon has rather discriminating palate (read it here), he said that it, too, used chicken broth but we didn’t bother to argue with the waiter anymore. I didn’t notice but my company was obviously not happy.

The waiter came back to our table to ask us to change our satay–apparently they could not do it “vegetarian”. Too much hassle, we just dropped it.

Then the mee goreng–the only thing we hoped would turn out right. Sure they took out the shrimps, but there were pieces of “fish cake” still. Again, we called the waiter, who confidently argued “Yes, that’s tofu. It’s fish cake.” Ano ba talaga kuya?!

We left (good thing they did not charge us anything, otherwise we would have sued them for moral damages,  ha ha!) and looked for another place…with empty stomach and high blood pressure.


source: New Oxford American Dictionary

To Secret Recipe and all those restaurants who will someday encounter “vegetarian” like me, above is what the word means (and beware of blogging vegetarians). Whenever I go to the countryside and get served fish after telling them I am vegetarian, I opt to exercise understanding compassion. But in high-end restos at high-end malls? Is it not only right to expect more from them, since they charge much, much more than the karinderyas in the barrios anyway?



Only my yoga session turned out right today. And I had a gut feel already that it’s going to be this way when I woke up this morning. Same thing last Saturday. Because of my habit of keeping my word, I stuck to my appointment, even if I felt like staying at home…only to receive an SMS from the person I was supposed to meet, when I was already at the meeting place, that she couldn’t make it. Worse, for a reason I could not understand. At the very least, she could have been a bit more considerate by sending me a message the night before, because at that time she knew already that she wouldn’t be there.

What do you do when you knew already that Murphy’s Law was about to take effect? Give in to your gut feeling or stick to your commitment?



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