Thought Bubbles on a Moon Day (and this is my 200th entry)

SUBTITLE: An Irreverent Yogini’s Experience and Insights on Yoga


For me the opening chant, just like what the music ministry or choir does in a worship session/prayer meeting/mass, sets the tone (pun unintended) of what is about to take place in the next two hours or so.  I really don’t mind if teacher starts it with the key of C or Z, as long as he/she does it with energy or power. I really appreciate chants that are loud and clear enough to be understood by everyone, even if off-key. Yogins are supposed to have strong diaphragms, what with the breathing that we do, so I guess we can tap the powers of our diaphragms as we chant. Even if off-key. Yes, I have to repeat this a number of times because I notice, many do not participate in the chanting (ok fine, we murmur or whisper something) because of self-consciousness (ay di ako singer e, mali tono ko, tone-deaf ako, etc.). But amazingly, there were times that even if each yogin sang his/her own note, our voices somehow blended beautifully into the sacred space.

Tonight, being a moon day, we did not practice ashtanga in class so we did not have the usual opening and closing chants. Instead, YT introduced three chants, only one I was familiar with.

Thought bubble: Er, concert ba ito?

Thought bubble yesterday: Whoa! YT hit the right note! Nag vocalize before class?

Though bubble the other day: Soprano?! Two octaves higher si YT. Naks, wide vocal range–from bass to soprano, kayang-kaya!


So we did (led) flow yoga and explored a number of asanas we don’t do in ashtanga (at least not in the primary series) and held them for several breaths.

Thought bubble 1: Can I just do supta kurmasana? Seriously.

Thought bubble 2: Whose idea is this again???!

Two things I had to overcome during this session: 1) my discomfort in following other’s rhythm, not my own and 2) my fear of the unknown, of uncertainties. Whether I was successful or not is a different story.


“I love his singing voice!” or so I thought I heard. Whoa! My fan na si YT? Oops, she said “singing bowl” pala.


Moon days are special days so YT ended it with nothing less but a bang. 😛


2 thoughts on “Thought Bubbles on a Moon Day (and this is my 200th entry)

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed your moon day practice (wink wink…) up to the last minute I was not decided on joining the class…obviously I didn’t but I feel bad missing the concert! ‘Til the next moon day…

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