To Yoga or Not to Yoga?

When do you keep on moving to ease your body pain and when do you give your body a break? (Pun not intended.)

I am now nursing a back rick, which I got last Monday, and a sprained? pulled? pushed? whatever, right collar which I got a couple of days earlier.

Last Friday on my way to the airport, the tax I was on skidded on the highway and threw me off my seat. It happened too quickly that I just found myself leaning on my right arm against the front seat. Instantly I felt something went wrong on my right side near the rib cage and on my right shoulder/collar but I was sure nothing was broken. The next day I was perfectly okay and even did a full practice. Sunday, I was still okay and did a light practice in the morning.

Monday came. I was on my way back to Manila, bidding a three-year-old boy goodbye when all of a sudden he gave me a bear hug like so:

Only that I was standing and leaning forward when he jumped off the ground. OUCH! MY. BACK. The pain got worse through my flight but I still did yoga that night, thinking that upward dogs might help. Well, I guess it did.

But the pain, both on my back and collar/shoulder, is severe in the morning, like yesterday and today. Last night, since it was a led class and would not be as strenuous as mysore, I still went to the shala. I felt some discomfort on my right shoulder and my back but I was okay… in fact my headstand was a surprise. I could not feel my feet up as if they were floating; no pressure on my arms even! Either I was doing the pose right or the pain became numb… or my numb arms helped me do the pose right?

Until this morning. Argh! The pain is back again. And tonight will be a mysore class. Should I yoga or not?



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