YS II:30-31 Yama consists of non-violence, truthfulness, non-stealing, continence, and non-greed. These Great Vows are universal, not limited by class, place, time, or circumstance.

II:37 To one established in non-stealing, all wealth comes.

Annotation by Sri Swami Stachidananda (excerpts):

All of us are thieves. With every minute, with each breath, we pick nature’s pocket. Whose air do we breathe? It is nature’s. But that does not mean we should stop breathing and die. Instead, we should receive each breath with reverence and use it to serve others; then we are not stealing. If we accept it and don’t give anything in return, we are thieves. (Insight: We must then give back what we have freely received so we do not become thieves.)

We want to do little and get a lot. Many go to the office and just sit around, use the phone to make their own appointments all day, take free supplies from the supply room, and accept their paycheck at the end of the week. Aren’t they stealing that money?

Do we not steal other people’s ideas?


My line of work–research–requires me to deal with so many ideas. I gather them, process them, borrow them, organize them, and generate, create them–not in this particular order though. However, I am trained to give credit to whom it is due–I acknowledge the sources of ideas if they are not mine. All the time. This is how research SHOULD be done. “Should be” is the operative phrase.

But it is so tempting to steal ideas at times…just so you’d look and sound smart? I don’t know. May the Lord give me the grace to do my job with utmost integrity all the time. Oh, not just to do my job, but to live my life with utmost integrity all the time.

I guess, people unknowingly steal–photographs, ideas, writings, husbands/wives, what have you–because they did not know any better. Maybe they believe doing so is harmless.

Like, I was so tempted to post this picture in my FB profile but I would not be able to acknowledge the source. So what? Well, I did not because I am writing this blog! On a side note: go UP!

source: the professional heckler blog


Just a while ago, I discovered someone used the concept/idea/tag line I came up with two years ago or so. I was tempted to react “Hey, that’s my idea! You stole it!” But then, ultimately, whose idea is it anyway? BG says God is the doer and the enjoyer of all things. So be it. I let go.


The Swami says that we steal because of greed. Here’s an excerpt of a blog entry that so inspires me today because it talks about just the opposite of greed:

Out in the desert, I saw a glimpse of a possible future – one that won’t be based on money. Cash will be obsolete and credit determined solely on kindness. Random acts of kindness will go a long way in this new idea of the world. Creating something for the primary purpose of “stoking somebody out” will be the new definition of work. Forget about working for the man – instead, consider yourself of service to your fellow man.

We were born to rock, not watch TV. Like it is when we go camping, we quickly snap back into primal mode, remembering how to squat down low to eat and to wash clothes and dishes and we manage to survive on very little. Nature is our entertainment and we allow nature to determine our diet and sleep patterns.

Money is made up. Let it go. Love is the only thing that is real.

The future is here for us to be amped, to be motivated, to remind each other that each is doing amazing things. Create this world as so and it will transform itself into a place of wonder right before our eyes.

I hope to be 80 someday with lots of grandkids. When that happens I’ll stand in mountain pose in front of the mirror and remark at the sparkly world that is safe and abundant for all. I’ll nod to the beginner looking back at me and acknowledge the part of ME that is YOU – and without pause I’ll tell you everything I know to be true.

Click here the read the entire post. That’s Jason Mraz’s. The Jason Mraz. And he practices yoga. 😉


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