Yogic Thoughts for the Day

Cat doing, nah, not the cat pose, but baddha konasana B. Click here to view the video http://purinaanimalallstars.yahoo.com/?v=8257034 Sorry, couldn’t embed the video here =(

They say you see the world as you are. Probably that’s how I look in that pose, ha ha!


Introducing my new enemy pose (far from love at first try):

I think I should start wearing stiletto heels. But since I am flat-footed this might work better for me:


When the disciple is ready, the guru comes. — Hindu saying

When the guru appears, the student disappears. — Crissy’s version (Miss you girl! Kailan date natin?)


If you become more unhappy, don’t follow that person anymore. If you are becoming better and happier, continue. — YS IV:30 annotation by Sri Swami Satchidananda


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