October is World Vegetarian Awareness Month!

Love the photo above! Maybe we can have a local, Bahay Kubo version?

Here’s the vegetarian food pyramid (for those who accuse us that we eat incomplete food):

And for the vegans, there’s non-dairy cheese now out in the market…or so The Ellen DeGeneres Show said, which featured a vegetarian version of the Texan chicken dish in line with this occasion.

So the recipe used  meatless chicken substitute (beefless tips, the packaging said), dipped in cashew cream (hmmm, interesting, where can i find that?), and fried (hopefully in vegetable oil).

The guest chef also prepared mac and cheese, yup the non-dairy kind. But what I found weird was that the gravy for the meatless chicken was made of, hold on to your seat, oil, cashew cream, salt and pepper, and CHICKEN BROTH.

It’s a good attempt to eating healthy, but let’s call a spade a spade. The recipe is a healthy option, but not at all vegetarian/vegan.

Have a happy, healthy vegetarian month, everyone!


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