My Gurus

Here are some thought-provoking lines from my gurus which I got this week and from their old emails to me:

“The nice thing about your being single… is that you can go any where in the world at any time.”

“Just tells me that one can do all the health stuff one wants, but when our expiry time comes, we go anyway.  Better to enjoy life from moment to moment, till our time comes. :-)”

“Bite the bullet ka na lang. Matatapos din iyan.”

“It is not the school/shala, but the learner that matters.”

“I send Light as you go about deciding….”

“That thing must hit you in the gut so that you will embrace and live that thing. Look at you, yoga and vegetarianism must have hit you in your gut so that you are able to find sense in them and stick to them over the years. Otherwise, hindi madali yan: magbago ng lifestyle pero ang environment mo hindi nagbago…maging vegetarian in a carnivore society.”

“In spiritual learning, whatever an aspirant learned came not from him but his teacher… kung di man knowledge at least grace.”


Someone once said “mahirap yang guru-guru e, naaabuso.” Whatever the person meant I did not bother to ask, but it made me reflect on my own relationship with my gurus.

Well, for one, my gurus do not call themselves my gurus. They do not even expect me to be submissive to them or to give them gifts or offering. Yes, my gurus do not have egos.

But what makes them my gurus? They know I run to them when I need to find answers and they welcome each opportunity to be of help to me. Sometimes, they just blurt out the things that I need most to hear. They just know when they need to send me Light, or rather when I need them to send me Light. There are no expectations; we simply enjoy the moments we are able to connect and to exchange energy. At the same time, we also enjoy space, confident that our connection transcends it. And yes, my gurus are there during the most significant, the most difficult, and the most exciting times of my life. They know they are very much part of it…and I of theirs.

I honored my gurus last October 5, World Teachers’ Day. =)



I am so proud of this photo I took–no iPhoto enhancement here! Finally, I am able to take a clear shot despite the poor lighting in our dining area. My own recipe of penne in white sauce–not bad.

So what does this picture have to do with the theme? My gurus and I LOVE to eat! I guess that’s our ritual… our way of celebrating life! 🙂


2 thoughts on “My Gurus

    • Wish I had more opportune time? appropriate venue? to thank, honor, pay tribute to people who have made a difference in my life. I guess I just have to tell the universe… bahala na ang universe sa kanila, ha ha! Really so blessed to have them as my gurus! Finally. After meeting a few _____ ones. Om.

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