Recommended Books on Yoga

This is in response to Angelo’s question in my other post on The Book That Changed My Practice.

Angelo, here are my other recommended books. Not that I have read many but these are the ones I particularly liked; hmmm, maybe the stage in my life or my practice that I was at when I read them influenced my liking. =)

For related post/review, please click here. This is an easy reading. And true to its title, it’s a happy reading, indeed!

For related post/review, please click here.

No related post, sorry! And I hope to get my own copy. A yogini-friend just lent me hers.

The Yoga Sutras, Jivamukti, and Light on Life are the types you cannot read in just one sitting, as they tend to lead you to reflect, meditate, do a lot of “thinking”. Spiritual stuff much more than a guide or tips on the practice of asanas.

For those who are more interested in the yoga asanas, here are my suggestions:


For Ashtangis



For Vinyasis / flow practitioners



For Iyengar yogins (although I have to read this yet)


For now, my assignment is to read these books: (hope to write a review after)

Most of my books I get from Amazon =( However, ages ago, Jivamukti was available in Fully Booked. They might also have the other books.

Happy reading!


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