Yoga and Quantum Physics

The film “What the Bleep Do We Know” was shown in class last night at the end of which we were asked for our insights. I could not help but say, though I might have appeared a weirdo to many, “How can a modern science such as quantum physics be so similar to the teaching of the ancient discipline of yoga?!”

The film, which featured scientists, physicists at that, talked about consciousness, about our being one, how energy from our brain works, the need to create space to be re-wired or to change from inside out, the presence of an observer…so yogic!

But it also presents more widely accepted scientific explanations on how our emotions affect every single cell in our body.

You can watch the entire film in youtube and here’s the first part of 12. Enjoy!

“Show me a sign that you paid attention to any one of these things that I created and bring it in a way that I won’t expect so I am surprised at my ability to experience it today and make it so that I won’t have doubt that it came from you.”



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