Déjà vu? (SMS Exchange #6)

“Gosh, so unyogic. The practice of detachment, peace, and acceptance is missing.” I wrote this SMS more than a year ago in this entry. Surprisingly, it is as relevant today as it was then. Have I not learned my lesson that I have to go through the same experience again?

Well, not quite the same experience–different characters involved, different relationships, different issues, but the same effect on me. Of  course, if I were to write down the details, that would just be MY story, MY version of the truth. Their version could be, would be something else. But this is MY blog so I have all the right to write my version, ha! >:-)

I won’t do that though. What for? I have come to terms that certain people are just the way they are and there’s no way I can change them. Telling the immature his/her emotional state would not make him/her any mature; the same way that telling the ignorant his/her problem would not make him/her any intelligent. Sure I can forgive them, even forget what they did…I will be willing to offer a hand when needed. But do I have to be close to them? Spend time with them? Nurture relationship with them? Make emotional investment? Life is short so I might as well spend it with people I love…

…Being in the company of those who inspire, encourage, and reflect your true nature. The company we keep can give us the courage and strength to be kind to other beings. – Sharon Gannon, co-founder, Jivamukti Yoga (source: http://www.jivamuktiyogasc.com/) (Original in this entry.)

This I have always believed in. When a relationship–friendship, working relationship, what have you–has turned unhealthy (and I deliberately did not use the word “sour”), I just walk out of it. There’s no point in forbearing, in negotiating, if you know that you are only destroying yourself in the process.  There’s nothing wrong about self-love and self-respect, right? And if someday these people found themselves lonesome, maybe they brought it upon themselves. Remember why the velveteen rabbit is real, or how it becomes real?

But if I were right, why is this happening again?

“Baka kulang pa ang sakripisyo….” (another SMS)



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