And the Journey Continues

Tomorrow, I will be celebrating my fourth year in yoga–a little over two years doing vinyasa and almost two years now in Ashtanga. Yet, I still have to refine some asanas that I have been doing since day 1. Practice, practice, practice….

Should be...

...and this is me.

See how my left thigh is angled at some 30 degrees? Since today is moon day, I worked on refining some asanas, doing them against the wall. For this side-angle pose, I made a conscious effort to keep my thigh straight (and keep my butt off the wall) as I bent down to reach the floor. Oh my, what a side stretch!

Should be...

...and this is me.

Now if I could bend from the hips, keep my back straight, and set my sit bone pointing up the ceiling…I think I’d stop complaining that my torso is short.

Thanks to teacher-models Jon and Trin! Thanks to Mia for my photos!


I know, I know, YT doesn’t want us to analyze the poses and to practice instead with inner awareness and to flow into each asana. Wondered why there are no mirrors in our shala?

Serendipitously, I landed on an old post. A great reminder:

Alignment can be philosophical, emotional, physical, and/or intentional. Proper alignment can mean the difference between the breakdown and the breakthrough of a practitioner. Proper alignment (of the mind) can help serve a transformational purpose rather than create the havoc of undisciplined thought. Breakthrough! To practice yoga that is harsh, critical, violent, and motivated by vanity, striving, and competition, we are…at war. Breakdown! (Yoga from the Inside Out, 68-69)

Yoga is about transformation, not perfection.



4 thoughts on “And the Journey Continues

  1. Love the quote! and I also relate to the breakthrough that can come from seeing yourself in a pose from an outside perspective (like through a pic!) Christina Sell taught me about come-and-watchasana- when a teacher is giving a demo, there is a transmission from actually seeing alignment (both internal and external!) in someone else- a transmission that happens when watching and taking in the pose visually and energetically from the teacher or demo-er. I am making my own leap here but if we can gather info, feedback or positive analysis from seeing a pic of ourself in a pose, perhaps the transmission into our own body is fueled towards breakthrough! slippery slope to stay away from criticizing ourselves and such, but we play that edge all the time!
    just found your blog! loveit…p.s. we share the same theme!!

  2. Thanks Maggie for dropping by, for your kind words, and for your insights! I thought it was just me, as I know myself to be a visual-experiential (as opposed to auditory) learner. Yes! We share the same theme! And the same love for yoga 🙂 I find your entries and pictures very interesting. Keep on writing please! Namaste

    “we play that edge all the time” — couldn’t agree more. we do this not only in the practice of asanas 🙂

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