The Determinants of My Can-Do Asanas

Now I can; now I can’t. That’s the way it is with the asanas–am sure many yogins out there would agree. At times, interval could just be from practice to practice…my case with Marichy D and Supta Kurmasa lasted for a year. Of NOT being able to do them, after practicing them/assisted binding for six months. Now they’re back, assisted still, but at least, they’re back!

Supta kurmasana (from















So I tried to figure out what makes it possible for me to do these poses on certain days and what not. Is it the moon? The day of the week? The preparations (backbends and twists, like what I do when I practice myoga instead of the primary series)? The food I eat or having an empty stomach? Coffee? YT’s mood and energy level?

Nothing. Or rather, nothingness. Emptiness. Like starting the practice tabula rasa. That’s what happened when SK first came back–I was in a sort of yoga retreat. Then yesterday, at 7am–the second time I practiced this early; the first time was more than two years ago. You see, I am not a morning person, so going to class this early felt like walking with an empty head, half awake and half asleep. But that’s it–going to class empty, in ways more than one. And you could tell if the pose “just happens” and if you struggle into it. Big difference.

These are some of the poses that “just happened” to me.


One day, my body raised my outstretched leg, straight, from the floor to perpendicular position, when I thought that was impossible. (photo from

One day, YT adjusted me in this position and voila, my chin met the floor! And I thought that was impossible because I have always believed that my torso was short. (photo from

Yesterday, I was surprised that my chin touched my shin. (photo from

Some things just happen in yoga. There’s no formula or an equation which would conveniently say “supta kurmasana is a function of this and that factor”. Focus, practice, surrender. And I finally got what this mantra means.

And some things just happen in life. I guess the same mantra applies: focus, practice, surrender.



2 thoughts on “The Determinants of My Can-Do Asanas

  1. Yay! Me too i was able to keep my fingers bound that morning. Once in a while I will invite you to morning practice. Just to share, last christmas, I was able to bind in marichy d quite regularly on my own, then before christmas break our teacher said not to eat too much or else we might have a difficult time in marichy D! So come January…i couldn’t bind anymore. was it the food that i ate or was it the power of suggestion?

  2. Try ko ha, effort talaga ang morning practice 😉 Hay, the mystery of Marichy! And yoga in general, he he. Hope to see you on Tuesday! Happy long weekend!

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