The Power of Headstand

Working on school papers so I haven’t been able to post here lately. And that’s also why I woke up this morning not up to a full practice. Lack of sleep + hot yoga = not a good combination. Nah, I still do ashtanga, but practice today would have been in another studio where I effortlessly broke into sweat last Saturday…and almost effortlessly bound in Marichy D. Must really be the heat that warmed up my muscles enough for me to bind in that pose on my own. But I digress. I texted Yoga in My Life that I couldn’t join her for mysore and would do self-practice instead at home.

Started with pranayama and all of a sudden I was already sniffling. Cold? Argh! I persisted. Did kapalbhati. Not a good idea! Well, at least I realized it wasn’t in the privacy of my room.

It would have been a snotty, not sweaty, practice. Decided to just do Suryas and went straight to savasana. However, some force compelled me to get up and do shirshasana. Against the wall, with long, steady breaths, 25 counts. Man, I was sweating when I came down to child’s pose! I would not have realized under normal practice that headstand can make you sweat because by the time I get into that pose, I am already dripping. And long, steady breaths? That would not have been possible either under normal practice because by the time I reach headstand, I am already exhausted.

Guess what. Cold disappeared right after headstand. Maybe turning upside-down, downside-up balanced my energy? Headstand isn’t called the king of all poses for nothing. And I’m excited to discover more of its royalty.

Thanks to YTs Trin and Jon

Now feeling well, energized, focused. Hope to get back to studio practice tomorrow. Om.


2 thoughts on “The Power of Headstand

    • Certainly you would! Even sooner than you think! How was practice this morning? That would have been a nicer title–the King and I 😉 See you!

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