Brahmacharya (Could Also Be Subtitled ‘A Yogini’s Open Letter to the President’)

Excerpts from Sri Swami Satchidananda’s annotation on YS II:38

By one established in continence, vigor is gained.

By getting established in continence or celibacy, we save energy. Conserved sexual energy…is that vital force that allows you to really help people and have good relationships. By observing celibacy, we preserve not just physical energy alone but mental, moral, intellectual and, ultimately, spiritual energy as well. Sexual energy that is preserved gets transformed into a subtle energy called ojas. It tones the entire personality, builds the nerves, improves brain power, and calms the mind.

That is why continence is a very important part of yoga. If a handful of people come forward with strong wills, nothing is impossible. One Buddha changed half the globe; one Jesus, three-quarters of the world.

…and possibly one President can change the fate of this country if he stops encouraging media to make his personal life a national issue; better yet, he should just focus on his job, using all his energies on running this nation. He became President by destiny –if deciding to run in the Presidential race the last minute and winning it is not destiny then I don’t know what it is–and since the universe cannot be confused, his calling in the next six years is obviously to serve the country. Please, Mr. President, stop talking about your wanting to have children in the next five years (well, you didn’t exactly say that but your sister put words into your mouth) when this country could hardly meet the Millennium Development Goals which you have only five years as well to achieve.

God help this country.


2 thoughts on “Brahmacharya (Could Also Be Subtitled ‘A Yogini’s Open Letter to the President’)

    • Ano, about celibacy or about Pnoy’s lovelife? Ha ha! šŸ˜€ Yes, classmate, see you soon! Looking forward to what you have to say. Tapos, gawan ko na lang ng bagong post dito šŸ˜›

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