A Life(style)-Changing Week

And I pray for my teachers…and their teachers…and all those who’ve come before them.

And so I always close my practice with this personal prayer. Finally, I met one of them–Paul Dallaghan, Teacher Jon‘s teacher–in his workshop Yoga and the Anatomy of Breathing, held last December 5-7 at Yoga Manila Alabang. For photo doc, please check Yoga in My Life.

Why I was there, I didn’t exactly know. I was the only non-teaching participant in the workshop. At one point Paul asked me if I teach yoga or have had any teacher’s training. No on both accounts. Thought bubble: Maybe he’s thinking “e bakit ka nandito?”

At least twice I was asked, long before the event, if I was going. I said no, as I live only on a student budget. Plus it’s going to be in Alabang–an absolute deal-breaker for me who lives in far East to go down South for a workshop that would start at 7am for three days. Plus I had (and still have, as of this writing) several school papers to finish before the Christmas break and a class (no, not yoga class) to prepare for every Tuesday. Long story why I ended up joining anyway–I felt the Universe tricked me into it–and thanks to my classmates/school bus mates Mia and Nature who helped me solve half of my problem (i.e. logistics).

I guess my attending this workshop was one of those things that was meant to happen.


December 6 was a moon day, new moon to be precise. During new moons, and a couple of days before and after, I normally feel weak–binding and balancing become an ordeal beyond the ordinary. However, during the morning practice in those three days, I experienced overwhelming energy. That, despite my waking at 3:45am and having less than six hours of sleep. Was it the power of pranayama before practice? Was it the presence of experienced ashtangis? Was it the teacher sharing his energy with all of us?

Had a foretaste of second (and third?) series, too, on our first day. Towards the second half of the led class, I wanted to raise my hand and say “Sir, I haven’t perfected my primary yet. May I just sit and watch?” Thought bubble: E bakit nga ako nandito?


So my pranayama practice is now “official”, as I received my “prescription” from Paul. Yesterday, my first day to practice on my own, I took an hour to complete my routine. Today, I was wide awake at 4am (did my body think I was off to Alabang again?). Did my pranayama before heading to the studio for my last mysore class for 2010. On my way, I was wishing, praying (for the first time in this lifetime) that there’d be heavy traffic…as I didn’t want get there long before teacher comes in. Besides, the security might be suspicious of me–what is this woman doing in a spa at 6am???

I hope to establish my routine soon, incorporating regular (and Teacher Jon recommended “daily”) asana and pranayama practice. Yeah, and I am loving brahma kala (believed to be the auspicious time of the day that is, between 3am and 5am…I think. I read it somewhere but cannot remember at this time).


Thanks to Paul, Jon, Mia, Nature, and the rest who shared their energy with me/us during  the workshop!

source: yogainmylife.wordpress.com


4 thoughts on “A Life(style)-Changing Week

  1. 😀 That’s really how I felt when he was asking me those questions! Found one uncanny detail in his prescription: 40 pumps in kapalabhati. Never done that (started with 10 middle of this year, then 20, max 30 but only recently)…until the workshop. My breathing was slow, right, but I managed to stretch it to 40 pumps. Was he counting while I was doing it? Ha ha!

  2. we’re supposed to increase it every week until you reach 250… although 120 should be enough… once you reach that… then there’s more… :-p

    • Yes, Jon, someday…maybe I can…pag may toned back muscles na rin ako katulad mo! Watched you do kapalabhati yesterday–I know, the muscle below the navel is the one active but I saw your back muscles moving as well! =)

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