Fruitful, Fulfilling, Funny 2011 (My Fearless Forecast)

If the last hour of 2010 were any indication of what 2011 would be like, then I bet the year ahead is going to be…


Spending the new year’s eve alone, I mindlessly got food that mom traditionally serves during this special season of the year…not thinking that they are not necessarily served at the same time. So my “medianoche” looks like this:

This is my humble attempt to fulfill my mom’s order for me to prepare 12 kinds of fruits. =) So I hope that the new year will be equally fruitful for everyone, that all of us will be productive.


Got this message from a good friend: I thought of you…maybe you can do some organizational development work for my office gratis.

You see, my friend works in a government agency. Honestly, my initial reaction to his message was “What? I’d rather sleep. Really.” But then again, I remembered my line years back when I accepted a project for a similar agency at an “almost gratis” rate: para sa bayan (for the nation). So how is my friend’s project any different from the latter?

Besides, what better way to start a new year than with karma yoga.


You might be wondering if the food pictured above was all I had on new year’s eve. Not really. Here’s the rest of my story.

On my way home, I decided to get red pepper and carrots for spaghetti, only to find out in the pantry that I already had all the ingredients for (my version of) pad thai. Yeah, I remembered I wanted pad thai for a change. “Dang! Why did I buy pepper and carrots?”

Later in the evening, I became confused as to what to prepare, so I texted a friend and asked her thoughts about my dilemma. She suggested pad thai; and so pad thai I made. Only later did I realize that pad thai does not go well with all the food pictured above! Argh! Oh well…this entry could very well be my “Solteraville Note No.1”.

Then after opening the wine bottle I realized I needed a stopper…which I could not find! Dang again!

The line up of food is not yet complete. Here’s for the finale: since I do not have the patience to look for 12 round fruits–not just any fruit, but ROUND fruits, so that babana, durian, eggplant, pineapple, jackfruit, and a hundred other fruits get disqualified from the favored list of fruits–I just made sure there are lots of “round food” on the table, for prosperity they say.

See, my medianoche IS vegetarian! Ha ha!

Here’s to a fruitful, fulfilling, er funny? let’s make that fun-filled, 2011! Cheers!


2 thoughts on “Fruitful, Fulfilling, Funny 2011 (My Fearless Forecast)

  1. First, is that why they always serve fruit salad for New Year’s eve? Second, I’m glad you had wine! Third, bagay naman ang pad thai sa fruit salad diba? Fourth, how do you make pad thai? Lastly, Happy New Year! See you soon!

    • I really don’t know about fruit salad…maybe that’s the western version of feng shui’s 12 round fruits? Daya na wine…it’s “red grape non-alcoholic” drink. But I had hangover this morning so I must have thought last night that it was indeed red wine, ha ha! Pad thai+fruit salad+red grape drink? Parang off yung pad thai di ba? =) Daya din yung pad thai. I combined tropical vegetarian sauce (which I got from the US) with lots of peanuts (which make the mix so Asian, so Thai) and noodles (wala din ako rice noodles so any noodles na lang)–that’s why I called it my version, he he.

      Happy new year YIML! You brightened up my 2010–thank you! Here’s to a more exciting 2011! Cheers!

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