I’m Back!

To yoga and to blogging! Yey! My schedule has been so crazy–had to beat so many deadlines, plus domestic duties–that I hardly have any sleep in the past two weeks. I even missed a yoga session because I was so tired the night before I overslept 😦


I am still tired today. Spent the whole of yesterday and this morning out in the field with my students for their hands-on research. Gosh, they are in their 20s yet they were already catching their breath after a 200-meter walk. Fine, the road was a bit steep, but hey, that was easy! And shame on all of you, I am turning 40 this year! (yabang! ha ha!) So proud of myself I texted YT, who responded “sabihin mo mag yoga sila”. Then I realized, maybe I now reaping the physical benefits of the practice. Om. Thanks YT.

So although I was super tired after the field work, I decided to hit the mat again…out of fear that I might turn out to be like these young people. 😉


The students have the tendency to underestimate the value of their gurus.” A text message from a non-yogin friend. So true in the context of yoga, too.

So to YT, thank you.

And I am sending my energy to the universe so you’ll stay (and I am pretty sure your YT does not read my blog, ha!). =p


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