A Return for Human Beings to Being Human…

“…and maybe the goal of a modern yoga practice is to just become people again.

“What is going on in the practice (is) also…what is going on in life because practice and life cannot really be separated. Over time practice supports us to be fully in our lives and our lives give us the materials so that we can have a practice.

“We become too obsessed with the form that we forget what the form is pointing at.  We forget about our own heart, we forget about serving the people, that we can have a practice that moves in two directions: internally, to heal ourselves, and externally, to heal our economy and ecology and our families and the people we care about.”

Excerpts from The Inner Tradition of Yoga by Michael Stone. Video can be accessed here: http://vimeo.com/19398421

The message came at the right time. Been confronted by a situation and my instinct says, “you’re not the Messiah” and the most convenient option for me is to run away. Indeed, I am not the Messiah, but somehow I can be a source of healing. Om.


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