It’s been more than two months since I last posted an entry here. So what happened since?

Week of February 21 – midterm season

Week of February 28 – mom was admitted in the hospital and we stayed there practically the whole week

Week of March 7 – Bicol

Week of March 14 – Cebu

Week of March 21 – Davao

Week of March 28 – Writing of final report

Week of April 4 – Finals week

Week of April 11 – Final presentation / Quezon province

In between these major events and up until now, I have been teaching and working with bosses…which means I don’t call the shots…and ergo, I don’t have control over my schedule. Sigh. In fact a have a new job title now: meeter, one who goes to meetings from 9 in the morning until past 8 in the evening. Non-stop. Add to that my GRO work at the end of the day (for a few days, not on a regular basis though).

When asked how I was, my constant answer was “going with the flow”. Positively or negatively, I meant responding to the urgent, important, and costly matters first. In Filipino, ginagawa ang mga bagay ayon sa panahon ng maari nilang pagsabog. So many thing to do in so little time.

Then, Week of April 18 – YOGA RETREAT!!!

It was a humbling experience—learning to live AGAIN on simple, basic things. Learning to surrender…to accept what you can do (which sometimes I even fail to do) and what you cannot do, at least, not yet…to detach oneself from matters that are important or sometimes I think are important…to trust…to ask…and most importantly, to recognize the need and be willing to start all over again.

photo by Jon Cagas

It was fun—knowing the people I practice with beyond downdog and chaturanga. Different personalities, brands of humor, attachments, pet peeves, but same love for yoga. And their passion IS contagious!

photo by Mia Rotor

Ironically, though my body has not yet recovered fully from weeks of sleepless nights and long travels, I have felt energized since day one of the retreat until this very moment. I am pretty sure it isn’t sugar or caffeine or adrenalin. Whatever it is, I hope to keep it until I am able to go back to my regular yoga practice.

That’s how I feel now. Jump-started. To live my “normal” life again.

To teacher and classmates, namaste.

photo by Jon Cagas


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