Day 1 to Yoga Habit

Stephen Covey said that if you do a thing for 23 consecutive days, it will become a habit. I want my yoga practice back so badly, thus I am starting this habit-forming today. Let the journey begin!

Started with my pranayama at 8 in the morning.

I’m writing my practice down so the next  time teacher asks me, I know what to say. =p

1. Uddhiyana bandha x 5

2. Agni sara x 5

3. Simha mudra

4. Kapalabhati 3 x 40 pumps

5. Anuloma viloma at least x 10

6. Surya bhedan x 10

7. Sitali x 10

8. Brahmari

Do not do uddhiyana bandha, kapalabati, and surya bhedan on menstrual cycle, when pregnant, or trying to get pregnant. (NOTED.)

Then did asanas–suryas, standing poses, then closing sequence. Today I remembered why I love doing self-practice: because I get to explore the poses. Half the time, I was practicing; the other half I was playing! Yeeeee!

For breakfast, I had a tall glass of orange juice (not freshly squeezed though), two bananas, two slices of bread and cheese.

Finally, I did jala neti again after I had stopped doing it almost two years ago when I had ear infection.

Love the energy!

This raw photo has nothing to do with the text but I just love the way yoga towels are hung side by side =)


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