Days 14-16 to Yoga Habit

My moon days mean rest days, at least in the last few months I have made them so. Initially, I thought that resting on these days would let my body focus its energy on what it should be doing according to nature. This time, aside from enjoying my school and (a bit of) work break (ergo, not so many things to worry about) and after 12 straight days of practice, I notice that I dwell more on the spiritual and emotional dimensions of my being during this short break from my routine.

Since the yoga retreat, I have been yearning to be nourished spiritually, which, sad to say, I haven’t been getting from the place of worship that I go to. Thus, in the last couple of weeks, I have been going to South in search of that spiritual food. It may not sound practical–spending so much time in travel and so much money for consequential costs–but it’s worth it. Yeah, I think that yoga retreat jump-started me in ways more than one.

These past few days have been emotionally tough as well. The what-ifs just won’t stop coming. Argh! I wish I could just burn my boat in reality to make my life, and life choices, a lot easier.  Sometimes I wonder if I do what I am doing only to anesthetize me.

And I pray for clarity. Om.

And sometimes I wish I were not this complicated.


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