Reposting, Remembering

(Posted more than three years ago when I hadn’t tried ashtanga yet. Who would have thought that years later I would be working on backbends like anything!)

A tip on improving back bends: while in standing position, carry a 17-pound, squirmy baby in your arms and try to put him/her to sleep.

My niece won’t go to sleep unless I “dance” with her and she usually takes 20 minutes to doze off. By that time, my arms are so sore already that I need to bend backward to support her with my tummy and keep her from falling. I cannot put her down until she’s in REM state so I get to hold this position for a good 45 minutes.


I don’t think carrying weights or heavy materials (say, two Manduka mats) will work, as there won’t be any compelling reason to hold the pose for an extended period.


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