The Mystery of Prasarita

My handstand from Prasarita A isn’t quite perfect yet. Always, teacher has to / or I feel he has to help me pull my back up (or pull my back back?) so I can lift my legs up in the air into handstand. What I enjoy though is my landing–I feel my feet always falling into their perfect position, in perfect distance from each other, so much so that I can do B,C, and D with ease… HEAD DOWN ON THE FLOOR. OH YEAH!

Surprisingly this week, teacher couldn’t seem to push down my arms/hand onto the floor in Prasarita C, something we have been doing since my day 1 of ashtanga. I tell you, he tried all techniques he knows but na-ah! I wonder,  was it my head touching the floor that kept my arms from rotating further back? Ambot! Let’s see next time.

Now here’s Big Bird…doing Prasarita B?


2 thoughts on “The Mystery of Prasarita

  1. My analysis, since the width of your leg is not the same as before based on your description, maybe there is a balance issue? The arms are not going down because you are trying to maintain that new position of head down and legs wide? Just a thought…

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