My Marichyasana Hypotheses

This morning I was able to bind–HOLD MY WRIST–in Marichy B and C. These are my hypotheses why:

1. I was doing hot ashtanga. It was like still summer in my room (didn’t check the temperature though) that I was able to deepen my poses with relative ease. Forehead to sheen came too early in Surya A, for example.

2. I was able to start my practice with nice, empty tummy. Having LBM the night before (like what happened to me last week) wasn’t a good way to empty one’s stomach–it drains your energy!

3. Teacher gave me a good torso twist last Thursday.

4. All of the above.

5. All is coming in its perfect time.

I was telling a classmate last week that there seems to be a tradeoff between flexibility and strength. During my early ashtanga days, I was able to do the marichys and supta k so easily, what with my hyperflexed arms; I couldn’t do chaturanga though. Now that I can do chaturanga and other arm balances a lot better, I’ve somehow lost some poses.

okay na sana, super enjoy lang manuod si manong sa ilalim ng puno

Despite the hold-the-wrist bind in A-C, I still wasn’t able to do D. Hmmm? Was it my legs? 😦 Or was it just tsamba?

Now if only teacher was around…nah, not to bind me in D, but to do the categorical association of data :p


2 thoughts on “My Marichyasana Hypotheses

  1. As much as I would like to comment on you analysis of the Marichys, Si manong ang kumuha ng attention Ko! Submit natin sa FHM ang pic na Ito!

    • Talaga? Dami pa akong photos, baka diyan ako yayaman?! Bigyan ko naman ng royalty fee si mowdel-teacher para fair 😉

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