Still on Marichyasana and Some More

Was meaning to post Britney Spear’s “I Did It Again” but that’s the only line in the song that connects with this post so never mind.

Yes, I did it again–hold-the-wrist bind in A, B, and C but stomach wasn’t empty, teacher hasn’t given me that torso twist in the past couple of weeks, so what gives?

But D? My oh my, it must really be my legs! They were sore in B, much more in my attempt to do D! Nope, haven’t worn heeled shoes for ages.


My body must simply be changing (read: ageing!). That’s it. Have gained a few (a lot!) of centimeters in some body parts but also lost a few in some.

My emotional state is just a few degrees tamer than a roller coaster.

And I thought hormones would start stabilizing when I hit 3-0.

Am I mid-lifing?


Yes I do hear weird voice in my dreams. Just voice, no character. But the message is clear.

Last week, the message was: do not look for the job that will make money; look for something that will make you happy.

Last month, it said: ang lalaki nanliligaw; ang bata nakikipaglaro.

Oops, did I just share self-incriminating evidence?

BTW, did you know that there is such a thing as “self-incompatible”? Gosh, what an awful situation to be in. Like, I am not compatible with myself…er, so what are my options? Ergo, I don’t want to be a flower in my next lifetime!


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