If This Were My Yoga Teacher…

…I would certainly fall! Er, look at the wrong position of his hands/arms 😉

stolen from the subject's facebook account...that's what an ethnographic researcher does, right? 😛

And if I were a yoga teacher, I would not mind having him in my class. I would make him fall! 😛


Ah that voice of wisdom again in my dream! This was what he (yes, it’s a male voice) said recently: make the person marry you if you want to speak with the person for the rest of your life.

First, the voice was not referring to the man pictured above.

Second, the context was that a high schoolmate had, only in my dream and am sure it is only in  my dream, so much admiration for Kris Aquino.


4 thoughts on “If This Were My Yoga Teacher…

    • I’ll bring him to the studio and introduce him to you, mwahahaha! Only in my dreams! Model. Actor (yata). Beauty queen pedigree.

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