My Ashtanga Yoga: Chapter 1

Around this time three years ago (July 2nd, 2008), I had my very first experience of ashtanga yoga, with YT Jon at that (you can read it here). At that time, never did I think that he would eventually be my ashtanga teacher, which began in 2009 after he came back from India. His plan then was to stay only for six months and join his teacher (who is technically my yoga lolo? 🙂 ) in Thailand later. But the universe had another plan.

Thanks to the universe, I am blessed to have practiced under Jon for 2.5 years. Now the universe has another plan for him. Us. Had my last practice with him last Saturday.  And my heart has only love for and gratitude to the teacher.


So after a couple of years of practice, what have I achieved? Marichy D and Supta K come and go; chakrasana, jump-through, and pasasana haven’t ever come. However, I am now able to do things I would not have done under normal circumstances–like practising detachment, emptying my cup whenever I go to class both in Ortigas and in Taft, being conscious of the spirit of inclusion and peace, trusting in the wisdom of the universe (which makes going with the flow so much easier!) and keeping (or trying to keep is more like it) oneself attuned to it, living (at least trying to live) according to my dharma, and being aware of my mind, body, and emotions, among others.


This is what I’d call the modern treasure chest (plastic na, wala na wood).

And these are the treasures!

Jon hasn’t left yet and I am already so excited to go through his books! Yay!

Everything is packed so nicely–see, the delicate ones are even bubble-wrapped. Nah, I won’t touch them. As my mom would always tell me when I was a kid, don’t touch anything you cannot put back in its original form. (I hope he forgets all about his red mala…it’s beautiful!)

It’s complete with dehumidifier to keep molds away. (OMG, may water na siya agad!)

Promise, Jon, as the TEMPORARY (emphasis not mine, :-P) guardian of your treasures, I will love them as my own.


I know I will enjoy these books…until their owner comes back (5 years, right? :-P).

Everything in life is temporary so we should appreciate what we have while we have them.


I am now able to do things I would not have done under normal circumstances…like carrying the treasure chest of books from the car into our house (with the help of manong driver though). Yoga? Maybe. Or maybe this one.

ang agimat!


Thank you, Jon, for being a teacher, mentor, friend, data analyst, sandpaper, and brother to me! Till we see each other again. We both know that the universe has an uncanny way of  connecting people :-). Namaste!


4 thoughts on “My Ashtanga Yoga: Chapter 1

    • Yesterday, I was so happy to receive the news that our school teacher was canceling our Saturday morning class…that means I could do yoga! But then I realized, yoga teacher wouldn’t be around anymore…sob! sob! sob!

      Then last night, I dreamt of yoga teacher in class. “Let’s do the closing chant…” he said. Irreverent that I always am, I said “Ok! Let’s chant Om Sahana Vavatu!” Deadma. He went on “Swasti praja bhyaha….”

      I guess that signals the closure of chapter 1. Sniff….

      Swasti praja bhyaha pari pala yantam
      Nye yena margena mahim mahi shaha

      Go brahmane bhyaha shubamastu nityam
      Lokah samastha sukhino bhavantu

      shanti shanti shanti

      Let prosperity be glorified.
      Let the world be ruled with law and justice.
      Let holiness and learning be protected.
      May all beings everywhere be happy.

      Peace, peace, peace.

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