For the Love of Yoga Part 2

Around this time three years ago (July 6, 2008–hey, didn’t I start my previous post exactly this way? Hmmm….) two yoga teachers and three yoga practitioners, two of whom were into professional photography/videography and one acting as production assistant (read: uzi), gathered in UP Diliman to do a yoga photo shoot (you can read my blog here). Today, two yoga teachers and three yoga practitioners, two of whom are into professional photography and one acting as production assistant, held another yoga photo shoot, also in UP Diliman. Consistent in the cast were one of the yoga teachers, Jon, and the “production assistant”, me!

This time, however, the sun was warmer and the security tighter (just how many times were we approached by guards and asked for permit to shoot? >:-( ) The yoga teachers (Jon was joined by Joji Balcita of Flow Yoga QC) did not do their usual practice and were instead directed (most of the time by Jon–honestly, I like him a lot better as yoga teacher than as director ;-p ) to do poses that suited the location best…which were not necessarily easier than the poses in the ashtanga series. The two camera pros, Au and Maybelle, both Joji’s students, did the pictorial with so much energy and passion! Amazing team!

Below are some of my favorites from my own amateur collection (cropped, but not photoshopped):

Cagas Hall?

Parang billboard lang sa EDSA

Model ng jeans?

C2 or Sprite? Or Tuna? πŸ˜›

Head&Shoulders? Axe? Green Cross?

Papasa ba ito sa mga mayor? Hot, hot, hot!

Oh yeah, the July sun was scorching hot! πŸ˜› At some point we asked Jon why he was doing this photo shoot–none of us were paid to do our share but at least we, the three yoga practitioners, were having fun taking shots and watching them do jaw-dropping asanas…but Jon? He was oh so willing to pose under the sun and in the middle of the road, do headstands and arm balances on rough, concrete ground, hang upside down from a tree…. Thus, I couldn’t find a more appropriate title than the old one–For the Love of Yoga.

Thank you Jon for inviting me (just the night before the shoot), for Joji, Au, and Maybelle, for sharing your energy and talent (I sure learned a lot from you!), for the YTs for the free lunch at Likha Diwa (sila na nga ang pinahirapan, sila pa ang nanlibre, mantakin mo! πŸ™‚ ), and for the universe for making this unplanned adventure happen (apparently the YTs thought of pulling this shoot off only yesterday and today, everything just Β fell in its place…ganun lang.).



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