It’s Opening!

I wished I thought of that immediately when my left ankle/foot started popping like crazy while I was holding Marichy D last Friday. But my thought bubble was: dang! did I just break my ankle? Nah, no swelling since, so I knew YT was right–my ankle “opened”.

It was not painful, but my ankle has been feeling some kind of tingling, or rather, sensitive to sudden motions. During my Sunday (token) self-practice at home (redundant, I know, he he), I was surprised to have fallen while in balancing poses, something I had been confident doing for a long time. Then I realized it must be my “newly opened” ankle. Today, I practiced with much more awareness–did not fall but my left leg couldn’t carry my weight for a long time.

Ah well. Just like in life, new opening is always exciting…but the struggle lies in finding your new balance.




2 thoughts on “It’s Opening!

    • YIML, no D again yet 1) there’s still weird feeling in my left ankle that I didn’t want to force it into D and 2) token practice=no enough prep for D, ha ha! May text si Steph, text kita.

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