Red Party!

Yesterday, I entered the first day of my first year as quadragenarian. Coincidentally, a number of the gifts I was blessed with were ruby red, the color of 40!

The color of the first chakra as well.


I haven’t posted yet what happened with my consultation with Jessica Blanchard. Aside from changing my diet from ovo-lactose-vegetarian to vegan (which made me feel depressed for days! ha ha!), she also required me to be in bed by 11pm at the latest (I’ll try when school gets back to normal again), add some more exercises in my pranayama practice (good thing I brought Paul’s prescription with me during the consultation) and asana at night time. All this to regulate my hormones–she suspected I have high stress hormones (cortisol?) and, ahem, testosterones (no wonder I seem to bring out males species’ competitive streaks, haha!).

One of my aha moments was Jessica’s asking me about having pain in joints–so I told her about my ankle which you can read here–followed by her questions about my family. I knew exactly why.

According to Myss’s Anatomy of the Spirit, the feet and the base of the spine, among other body parts, are usually the affected areas of  mental-emotional issues related to family or “tribal group”.

Family, feet, first chakra, red!


Unaware of my age (or he just forgot?), YT gave me this birthday message:


Have 363 days to work on this!








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