A Vegan’s Life

Breakfast: boiled sweet potatoes, vegetable juice (broccoli and a mix of other veggies)

Lunch: brown rice and grilled eggplant with pickled green papaya

Snack 1: banana-que (OMG, this was my only sugar source for the day! Gemme SUGAR!!!!)

Snack 2: boiled corn on a cob (no butter, no salt)

Dinner: leftover from lunch, boiled banana, and soy milk


Off to bed. Hope to be up for early morning practice tomorrow. I might just dream of sugar….


3 thoughts on “A Vegan’s Life

    • Well, I was told I could take only these: water, green tea, soya milk and tofu (not the uberly processed soya products), nuts, fruits, vegetables, and grains. I forgot, I munched on pistachio yesterday in between meals! (And indulged in durian jam, though I doubt if it’s a protein source, he he). But I am also watching my uric acid so I don’t want to overload with soya and nuts šŸ˜¦ There was a time when I was already non-dairy taking pescetarian, my cholesterol level was abnormally low (below normal) but uric acid was way above normal so the doctor blamed my soya intake. So…mitahara na lang? šŸ™‚ Thanks for the reminder Jon! Sa sugar ko di ka worried? He he.

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