Veggies, Anyone?

Haven’t tried any of these variants but I was convinced by the broccoli juice I had early this week that veggie juice is lovely so much so that I got four packs of them! I’d like to believe that aloe vera juice tastes much better than the gel I would have gotten fresh from real aloe vera leaves (?). Let’s see how far I’d go with my ayurvedic diet.


4 thoughts on “Veggies, Anyone?

    • Ahaha! Will keep you posted about these drinks. How are you YIML? You’re going to JS’s workshop, right? I plan to practice at Chi on Saturday and Perea on Monday and Wednesday (operative word being “plan”). I think this will be pretty much my schedule this term. So help me God. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks for dropping by L&M! Your blog is likewise interesting. Go try these products and remember to keep an open mind. We have aloe vera plant in our backyard and I know exactly how it smells (worse than durian, I swear!) but the aloe vera juice is truly enjoyable and refreshing. I still have to convince my mom though that it tastes better than the raw/unprocessed version. I juts hope that the manufacturer is true to its claim of nutritional value and ingredients.

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