Mixed Veggie Juice: Three Stars

You would have mistaken it for carrot juice, right?

Verdict: it’s okay, just that–okay. Nothing’s repulsive in it. Nothing distinctive either. It tastes sweet, that’s all.  It’s like drinking water with syrup, only with bit of texture.

(Note to Yoga in My Life: pwede na)


3 thoughts on “Mixed Veggie Juice: Three Stars

  1. Some more helpful info (am I convincing myself or am I convincing myself that this is something great? haha!):

    carrot juice – 45%
    orange juice – 25%
    tomato juice – 10%
    celery juice – 10%
    passionfruit juice – 5%
    pineapple juice – 5%

    Nutritional value:
    Dietary fiber – 20% (Thai RDI)
    Sugar – 24 g (no RDI % ???)
    Sodium – 2%
    Vitamin A – 40%
    Vitamin B2 – 10%
    Iron – 10%
    Vitamin B1 – 8%
    Calcium – 2%
    Vitamin C – 50%

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