A Sober Sunday

Started the day with peaceful, unhurried pranayama and a glass of spinach juice. šŸ˜€


spinach juice (20%), tomato juice (19.99727%–duh, how can you be more accurate than this?), gold kiwi juice (15%), orange juice (15%), grape juice (10%), apple juice (9%), pineapple juice (9%), wheatgrass juice (2%), vitamin E (0.0015%–so this is synthetic vitamin?), and vitamin A (0.00123%–again, what’s the source?).

Nutritional value:

Fiber (20% of RDI), vitamin A (35%), vitamin B2 (20%), iron (2%), vitamin E (25%), vitamin B1 (10%), calcium (less than 2%), and vitamin C (45%)

Most likely I will not take this juice again. šŸ˜¦



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