The Royal Highness of Veggie Juice

Take this:

Vitamin A – 140% (Thai RDA)

Vitamin B2 – 100%

Vitamin E – 90%

Vitamin B1 – 120%

Vitamin C – 120%



And this is the real thing (from Apple dictionary):














3 thoughts on “The Royal Highness of Veggie Juice

    • Beetroot is singbanoso daw. I’m sure kahit ang nanay ko di alam yan. I’ll add a photo of beetroot, di ko siya talaga kilala! Taste? More veggie-like than fruit-like. Will I buy again? Not likely, haha! About over 100% of RDA, pwede naman kasi kung 100 units of whatever ang RDA, the juice may have contained 120 units per serving of that thingy. Now if it is good or bad is another story. My doctor told me that only Vitamin C can exceed the RDA without harming the body, as we pee the excess out of our body. Maybe you can also ask your doctor-hubby? 😦

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