Clearing, Building Energy…and Some More Stuffs

Finally, I was able to create the opportunity to get rid of these bills accumulated in the last five years–sorted, shredded and sealed, some still shelved (I have to–years ago, Meralco sent us billing for consumption made over a year prior to the notice; what’s funny was that we paid for that power usage already, thanks to Mom who kept old receipts, so we did not have to pay for the erroneous bill).

two bagfuls of trash


I did not feel like touching any of my schoolwork today…instead prepared breakfast…

Cheese omelet, toasted wheat bread, coffee, mangosteen juice, and banana

Big deal–only the omelet had to be prepared as the rest were ready-to-eat. But I love the slow Sunday morning!

And this for lunch:


Our greens likewise have been getting cleared since our pup came.

her usual alaskadora look

Find her in this photo, naughtily peeking somewhere


I just realized how I have not been having me-time for a long time! Happy to have been successful in setting aside one day in a week for the last four weeks for myself–no work, no school, no family duties, no social obligations. Just ME! Bliss! In one of those days, I found a new hangout:

hazelnut coffee and classic chocolate cake with caramel filling at Polly's (4/F Galleria)

Blissfully sinful! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Clearing, Building Energy…and Some More Stuffs

    • One year ang planning niyan, haha! Was forced to do it already when mom offered to buy me a shredder (minsan hindi ako dense, o hindi lang siya subtle?). My pup’s name is Destiny.

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