YM Yogins – 2011 12 03











5 thoughts on “YM Yogins – 2011 12 03

    • Sash won’t be back until mid December–it’s Steph, Carla, and Redge. Dahil wala silang bilbil, di ko kailangan mag photoshop, maganda pa rin silang tingnan kahit nakataas/nakababa sa inversion yung tops nila. Yung may bilbil, kumuha na lang ng pictures 😛

  1. Yoga teacher to Steph: “Straighten your arms and lengthen the spine.”

    “Carla, that’s a nice solid headstand. Tuck the ribcage a little bit more and bring the feet together.”

    “Redge, extend the arms more and lift the heart.”

    “Steph, extend from the legs back or feel that you’re bringing the hips more forward and legs back in headstand”

    S, C, & R: “Asan si YT?”

    “Ayun natabunan na ng yelo.”



    I think two years of teaching and practicing at this studio helped me acclimatize faster in Finland. Parang nasa Chi spa lang kung nagpapractice ako dito sa room ko. 20C.

    • Wahahaha! YT made sure who were in the photos before he made adjustments? 😛 Ayan, makinig kayo ha. Uy, walang command to activate your bandhas? Hehe. YT, we were anticipating that you could/would correct even the bandhas and breathing by just looking at the photos 🙂

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