Help Heal Our Land

We can always share our prayers, energies, and good intentions to our fellows in Mindanao. For those who can, let us also extend practical help to them. Here’s one way to do it:


Reports say that aside from the abnormally heavy downpour brought by Sendong (first time CDO and Iligan experienced typhoon no. 2…and that was only no.2?!), what also caused the water to rise were the logs, yes from logging, illegal or otherwise I don’t care, the blocked the waterways.  So where the *&^*&^% are those loggers now who earned a fortune by destroying our forests? Let this be a lesson to us. The aftermath of mining will not be any better than what Sendong has brought us. NO TO MINING! NO TO EVERYTHING THAT WILL DESTROY NATURE! We destroy nature, we destroy life, we destroy us.


Last week, before Sendong came, I was having an interesting and intelligent conversation with a taxi driver. He was certainly against mining, arguing “Sila ang namamasasa, pag dumating ang karma, tayo ang kawawa. (They enjoy the profits, but when karma comes, the rest of us suffer.)” Ah, the wisdom of the simple-minded!


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