A Christmas Wish (Updated)

It is just so hard for me to greet “Merry Christmas”, so hard to be merry when people around you are suffering. Christmas is a season of giving and I guess the best gift one can give is a better, brighter future to the succeeding generations.

Made a quick summary of typhoons that hit the Philippines in the 1990s onwards and the damages they caused in lives (measured in terms of wages people could have earned in their lifetime) and properties. This is my challenge, this should be the state’s challenge, to any business that poses threat of destruction to our environment: if you will spend Php9.5 billion a year in labor or wages, that of the executives’ excluded, and not in taxes, not in revenues or gross domestic product or value added, then go operate in this country. Otherwise, we do not need you in this place, we have no reason to let you operate in this place–neither principle nor profit justifies your existence.


Happy to know that the likes of Christian Monsod is on my side. His article read:

The challenge to the government to disallow projects that, in the words of Paul Krugman, socialize costs and privatize benefits, such as  mining, the biggest problem cited—in Surigao, Albay, the Cordillera Administrative Region, Palawan, Samar, Caraga and Zamboanga provinces—where the poor hope that the Aquino administration is not misled by the industry in the face of their personal testimonies on the hardships it brings them, including the social divisions through the wrong use of money.

Read his entire article here.

Overall, I think that the impeachment of the chief justice is a necessary yet an insufficient condition to achieve the reforms that the poor want, and DESERVE.




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