Lessons for the Day: Love and Surrender

Got this from my sister, sharing her exchange with my dear niece:

Mama can’t find her lipstick and is getting frustrated. Sarah wanted to talk and for me to pretend I am Caillou.

Mama:  Hang on, sweetheart, I cannot find my lipstick…..(still searching)…argggh!  This is frustrating…

Sarah:  Settle down mama… That’s just the way life is!

Mama:  Did you lose something already?

Sarah:  Yeah remember my white ball with confetti?  And my purple paintbrush?

Daddy:  And the first Ernie?

Sarah: Yeah!  That’s just the way it goes sometimes…

Glad my 4-year-old niece has realized this fact this early in her life. And I, her 40-year-old aunt, must learn from her! It’s okay to lose things, but do not lose the lesson that goes with the experience.


It took me more  than a year to accept that there are only 24 hours in a day and it’s not humanly possible to keep adding to my routine and think that everything will just be the same. I have added 9 hours of classroom sessions, 9 hours of travel (in addition to my normal commuting time), and maybe another 9 hours of reading assignments every week; work is more flexible now, albeit demanding the same hours of study and attention; domestic obligations are more demanding and less flexible. What do these things leave for yoga? I guess my calling for now is something else. Going back to my 3x-4x a week ashtanga habit is not possible, at least not for now. In the last three days, however, I have been trying to establish my 1.5-hour pranayama+my yoga (and I mean MY yoga, working on my back and legs that seem to have become stiff due to long hours of sitting and walking in the last two months). Let’s see how regular this routine would get.


I thought that if I were to become a saint, I would be the patron of difficult bosses, as I have been blessed with the tenacity to deal with their mood swings and the capacity to meet their (sometimes unreasonable) work standards.

Now if I were to become a yoga teacher, I would not be the yoga teacher of the business tycoons (like someone I know :-P) nor the yoga teacher of the yoga teachers (again, like someone I know :-P). Instead I would like to be the yoga teacher of the mere mortals, who struggle to balance their responsibilities, to make money to fund their yoga life, to find time for themselves, and to bend and twist and balance on one foot.  And two things I will teach them: that yoga is love and yoga is surrender. In that order.



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