Bringing Back Joy Into Practice

Peaceful. Happy. Joyful. That’s how I feel now during and after practice–something I have missed and started feeling again when I began my self practice (my yoga) at home.

It helps that I do not have to worry about time–worried I may be making the next class wait or the teacher stay behind unnecessarily because I am not yet done with my practice; worried that I am late again because of horrible traffic; plus I can stay longer in a pose than usual because that’s what my body is telling me that it needs, savasana included. If I missed anything from my slow flow practice years ago, it’s the meditative savasana that lasted for at least 15 minutes–I even slept through it and nobody minded, nobody even bothered to wake me up. Ah, bliss!

It also helps that I save 3 to 4 hours on travel…and that means more hours for sleep or some leeway to take it slow in the morning. I don’t have to rush. I practice at 9 in the morning, give or take 15 minutes. My present setup thus allows some balance between flexibility and stability (sounds like a lesson for an asana?). Nice.

Self practice empties me of any expectation. I do what I can, only what I can for that moment.

Self practice surprises me…not only in being able to do things beyond what my mind can conceive but also in the level of awareness, in and out. Watching my monkey mind, relaxing my tense muscles, observing movements that facilitate getting into a certain pose, feeling my posture, getting lost in the moment.

And finally, I guess it helps to find beauty, at times even reason, in whatever the universe brings my way.

“Thank you for the gift of yoga and may I use it…to live my dharma well and with love and joy.”


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