This is a Sanskrit term which means “I bow to you” and the gesture (as explained here in Yoga Journal) acknowledges “the soul in one by the soul in another”.

I had been doing my yoga at home almost every day for almost a month when all of a sudden I missed saying this word (which to me is sacred and has had profound impact) as we used to do our vinyasa practice (that’s during my pre-Ashtanga days). That was three years ago. So just imagine how happy? delighted? pleasant surprised I was when Nature closed our led session last Tuesday with that sweet note–namaste. With that, I knew I would be back again. (And was amazed to have found a page in her blog with the same title!)

Yes, I am back! Back to shala, ashtanga practice. Actually this post is just to announce my accomplishment, ha! Nature teaches evening led classes at Yoga Manila Ortigas at the Chi Spa (click here for Yoga Manila Ortigas schedule). I hope to have more and more regular sessions at YMO beginning this summer break.

Why this photo? Last Thursday, while the class was waiting for time and having chitchat here and there, the bowl sounded as if someone stroke it. Everyone heard it and looked toward its direction…but nobody was near the bowl to be suspected as the culprit. Om. Could there be a genie in a singing bowl?



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