God’s Time Is the Best Time

I haven’t read the newspapers, I mean prints, since the dailies went online. Today was a rare occasion. Was having coffee with my mom at Starbucks (note to all readers: all Frapuccino drinks at half their price every Monday from 2pm to 6pm for the whole month of May) and she (yes she did) grabbed a copy of business news (so unlikely of her). Since she just bothered to look at the front page, I ended up reading it and forgot at what section did these lines seem to have popped out:

God’s time is the best time. He may seem to do things very slowly but he does them very surely. 

That left me thinking, hmmm, what is it that God seems to be doing slowly in my life? Or am I going too fast that God wants me to take something slowly but surely? And what could it probably be?

Before I was able to fully examine my life, here’s a photo from Facebook that appeared in my newsfeed.

Serendipity? I guess the message is clear. I wish I knew what I need it for. Om.


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