Baguio City, 2012

For more than two years, I had been wishing to go back to Baguio City in better, more pleasant condition. You see, I have good memories of that place–my first out of town trip with high school friends, bonding with my sister before she got married and before an old friend got married–until that fateful day of Pepeng. I blogged about my experience¬†here and here.

Last weekend, my wish came true, holding a family celebration of mother’s day in the pine city. So happy to see the place again as I knew it from yesteryears.

Passion fruit, good for detox they say

The famous raisin bread from Baguio Country Club

Le Jar de Trinidad strawberry jam–with real, whole berries!

strawberry taho–really good except the syrup was too sweet

Hot chocolate from Raisin Bread Cafe at BCC–YUM!

Some things never change…like the free, white rose from the resto where we had dinner, stripes, big glasses, sweaters, hairstyles, and mother’s love.


My Pepeng (and Ondoy) experience is a constant reminder to me of God’s grace and goodness.

The other day, I saw an FB status on taking the last trip to love lane: di na baleng last trip, basta front seat naman. I have similar but better version of it, inspired by Pepeng:

I don’t mind taking the last trip if it will manifest how powerful and awesome God is, if it will make me doubt no more that it happens according to His grand design, if it will bring me home.



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