Reposting from FB: What the New Moon Means (and Perhaps Why I Couldn’t Do the Headstand This Morning)


“It is helpful to trim away superficial relationships and keep only those that are quality, meaningful and valuable. The retrograde phase is extremely helpful as it can help you sort resolve past issues and clean up the energy.”

“We need to understand what is fantasy or illusion and what is real and factual. We have to find a way to transform the limitation into freedom and to bring harmony to thoughts and feelings so there is clarity.”

“This represents a very positive energy towards love, relationships and creative projects. On a romantic level, affections may become more solidified and develop strongly now. A commitment or agreement that began in the past with a ‘What if…’  may become more tangible now.  It is possible that past ideas regarding business or creative project advance in small steps now.” (Ok, I get it–NOW is the time.)

“It is possible friendships mature or a new level of responsibility forms within the relationship. Enjoy flirting, dating, friendships and deeply savor the moments spent with each other. Cherish the treasures that are manifesting easily now.”

“Promise or agree to only what you can deliver. We have solid strength to access and bring out ideals into reality with that which is highly valuable to us.”


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