Believing in Miracles

In 1992, 20 years ago around this time, I was doing volunteer work–something I knew in my heart was not a life-long vocation. Sooner or later I would have to find a “regular” job or employment. However, that year was a political transition from the Aquino administration to what we did not know then (which turned out to be the Ramos administration). The country did not have its best economic performance during Aquino’s term so at that time, what made me anxious was the job prospect, or the lack of it, that awaited me. I just did not want to further add to the rising statistics of unemployment.

Back tracking a bit–months before my period of anxiety Mt. Pinatubo erupted covering practically the entire Central Luzon and Metro Manila with ashes. Aside from sand-like feel of the ashes and the cleaning they required (oh yeah, THAT was big deal for me), their sulphuric content diminished the productive capacity of soil…or did they help in fertilizing it? I don’t really know BUT seeing our sampaguita plant bloomed in ashes gave me hope. It made me believe that miracles do happen; at the very least, good things happen under the most unexpected, most unlikely circumstances.

Epilogue: I have never been out of job since 1992. God is good! God is much, much more powerful than our economic forecasts and our economists. 😀  Petty, some people might think, but this “critical” incident has built my faith in something or someone bigger than myself.

Fast forward to 20 years from that time–despite the record-breaking heat we have experienced this summer, I saw our sampaguita plant again in full bloom last night. My initial reaction was “hay, mga late bloomers!” And I almost heard them say “so what? Maganda at mabango pa rin naman kami! 😛 ” Yes, emoticon included in our dialogue.


I was just reminded of the “miracle” 20 years ago. A reminder that God is so much alive, so much involved in my life, as He was 20 years ago.

A day before this realization, on my way to school, the same theme was running in my head. I left Rizal at 10am for my 12pm class in Manila. By 11am we were still in Ortigas because of, guess what, terrible traffic. However, once we turned at Ayala Avenue, all traffic lights were green. Seeing the row of green lights from my seat, I told myself “wow, milagro ito!” I reached school at 11:45am.

I forgot who said this line but I always keep it in my heart:

the probability of the occurrence of a miracle is infinitesimally small, but it is never nil.  


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