Clearing for 2013

Closed the contracts with only one collectible remaining. Aiming to finish a book review before the year ends on Monday.

Paid all the bills and settled all IOUs, except for my accountant whom I haven’t been successful locating yet.

Celebrated the season with friends, gifts given away (although there are still four items under the tree).

Room and study tables arranged and cleaned. Kitchen and pantry organized.

Clothes purged (that despite my five-year-old niece’s comment when she saw my closet “that’s all you have?”–mastering aparigraha :-P).

People purged. Again. This one would be a bit difficult to discuss here. You see, a friend’s dislocating his shoulder with no apparent reason and my tooth nerve dying without my knowing led me to go back to Caroline Myss’s Anatomy of the Spirit, which, in brief, describes the possible psycho-emotional-spiritual dimension of the physical disorder. Reading the book last night was like going to a retreat, with me being led to relive my inner child and to feel her wounds again that are yet to be healed. It was an intense experience although I had read it several times over. It was so intense that I was not able to sleep, so intense that I developed hot, itchy rashes on my chest.

The chest, the fourth chakra, loving oneself, so I have read just now…understanding the “deeper emotional stirrings of the heart that emerge when we need to evaluate a relationship, or a job, or some other troubled circumstance that affect our health” (p.202).

It is difficult to put things into words right now–and as they say, if you can express it in words, then it could probably be still a physical experience–but maybe in time I would be able to write a post on this experience with more clarity and coherence.

Clearing all energy fields that I could possibly cover, preparing for the new positive energy of 2013, which I hereby declare to be my year of healing and growth…and of the fulfillment of my 4Gs in life. 😉

Amen. Om. Inshallah.

Gift. Green. Growth. (source:

Gift. Green. Growth. (source:




One thought on “Clearing for 2013

  1. To seemingly complete the clearing process, I spent the first day of 2013 in bed and half the time, er, in the toilet. I had gastroenteritis, or all of its symptoms, but I had no idea where I must have gotten the virus/bacteria. I just looked at my condition as a “clearing process,” as I felt I had flushed out all the trash in my system, while also fasting from food intake. Today, I am okay, as if nothing happened yesterday. 🙂

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