A lesson I learned around two decades ago, which came to my mind this morning on my way to shala: you break a horse not to weaken it but to direct its power.


During my home practice yesterday, I was surprised to have felt my nape “open up” as I did halasana. All of a sudden, my feet reached farther than usual. Yes, I am now beaming with hope for the eventual chakrasana. 🙂


Never in my whole Ashtanga life (I am now on my fifth year) had I bound my hands in pindasana. Of course I always blamed my thighs for not being able to do so (just like in pasasana, ha!). Today, however, I was able to do it for the first time! Yay! Chamba?

photo from

photo from


Was able to bind in Marichy D during my home practice and earlier today. I knew I was doing it differently from what I learned from grandguru Paul and from what I intuitively did last year (see this related post)–which was a bit in sync with what Kino was saying in this video about putting your weight forward.

Oh well, like what M said, whatever works for you.  


Part of my “intuitive marichy d” was closing my eyes as I twisted and turned into the pose, sucking my belly in to get my armpit and ribcage as close to my thigh as possible before internally rotating my arm and shoulder. Essentially, I was feeling my way into the pose. The trick helps all the time and so I did close my eyes today while I practiced in the shala. Did anyone see me do it? Where’s the dristi, huh?

I was surprised that at some point today, GTMS gave instruction to someone to “feel the pose.” Hmmm. Did we mean the same thing?


Lastly, in today’s practice I realized that it pays, and is less painful, to WAIT. Om.


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